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Mass Effect 3 Digital Deluxe Edition CD Key

Origin Downloader
Region Free
Russian Language
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 What will you get:

 You will get Mass Effect 3 Digital Deluxe Edition CD Key(a digital unique code will be sent). You can activate and download the game on Origin. This key can not be activated on Steam.

Note: Game audio is English (we have French/German/Italian language files too) but the game menus are Russian and require small file and basic registry edit to work in Full English menus/subtitles. 


 About the game:

Mass Effect 3 will begin on Earth, with Commander Shepard on trial for the consequences of his actions in the Mass Effect 2 DLC pack Arrival. During the trial, Earth is attacked by Reapers. Faced with insurmountable odds, Shepard is forced to flee the planet in order to gather support from alien civilizations and mount a counter-attack while also having to deal with Cerberus, who have decided to turn against him/her. It is possible for Shepard to lose to the Reapers

Digital Deluxe Edition Features:

• 70-page Digital Art book (digital version)
• Exclusive 4x6 Lithographic print. (digital version)
• Digital Soundtrack (digital version)
• Limited Edition Mass Effect comic book (digital version)
• Additional characters and missions (code for download)
• A set of avatars (virtual object)
• Arsenal N7 - a sniper rifle, shotgun, submachine gun and a pistol. (In-game item)
• Robotic Dog Companion - A faithful sidekick to keep you company on board Normandy. (In-game item)
• A set of alternate costumes - new look for your teammates. (In-game item)
• N7 Hoodie - For Commander Shepard's casual days on board the Normandy. (In-game item)

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