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Simcity DLC Pack CD Key

Origin Downloader
Region Free
Various Language
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 What will you get:

 You will get Simcity DLC Pack CD Key/s (a digital unique code). You can activate the key and download the game on Origin. This key can not be activated on Steam platform.

 About the game:

Amusement Park Set:

 Create your own customized, fun-filled amusement park! Build your park around your city's terrain and layout using amusement park paths. Your amusement park will benefit both locals and tourists alike as they fill your park, riding all the rides and shopping at the concessions. Take your pick from three themed entrances to bring Sims into your amusement park. Draw tons of tourists to your theme park city and watch them stay in your hotels and spend money in your shops!

  • Park Entrances: Three entrances to choose from: Funshine Park Entrance, Wheels of Wonder Park Entrance and Thrilland Park Entrance.
  • Classic Amusement Park Rides: both young and young at heart Sims will enjoy classics like the Ferris Wheel, Carousel and Swings Ride.
  • Vehicle Rides: speed demons and imaginary astronauts alike will find rides to enjoy with the Mini-Train Station, Go-Kart Speedway and Astro-Twirl Rocket Ride.
  • Thrill Rides: please the thrill-seekers with the Bigfoot Roller Coaster, Dizzy Drop Tower or Bluebeard's Pirate Ship.
British City Set:

 Instantly transform a section of your city into modern England! Plop the historic Big Ben landmark and watch as a distinguishing look and feel spreads into your city. England comes to life as unique British shops and houses spring up around Big Ben. The British City Set comes with exclusive buildings including the world-renowned Big Ben and a Double-Decker Bus Terminal for your Sims to get around the city in style.

EXCLUSIVE LANDMARK: BIG BEN With Big Ben in your city, you'll always know when it's time for tea. Big Ben is not only one of the most famous landmarks in the world; it's also a fully functioning clock. You'll be chuffed when you see all the tourists your city brings in when Big Ben strikes twelve.

DOUBLE-DECKER BUSES One of London's most iconic images, the double-decker bus can be yours when you have the Double-Decker Bus Terminal. Whether it's taking your Sims from home to work or from work to shopping, the cheerful sight of the double-decker buses always delights. Double-decker buses have a greater capacity than regular buses, so you can use these fun buses to cut down on traffic even more.

TRANSFORM YOUR CITY WITH BRITISH RCI Recreate a portion of London in your own city! With Big Ben in your city, happy residential buildings and successful commercial buildings will expand into British RCI. You'll feel like you're right along the Thames with Big Ben in your city, surrounded by British RCI.

French City Set:

 Give your city an elegant, modern French style! Plop the historic Eiffel Tower landmark and watch as a distinguishing look and feel spreads into your city. France comes to life as unique French shops and houses spring up around the Eiffel Tower. The French City Set comes with exclusive buildings including the world-renowned Eiffel Tower and a French Police Station to protect your Sims.

EXCLUSIVE LANDMARK: EIFFEL TOWER Lend a touch of French class to your city with one of the world's most recognizable landmarks, the Eiffel Tower. Before you know it, Sims will want to have their pictures taken in front of the Eiffel Tower. Scores of Sims will be drawn to the Eiffel Tower and where will they spend their money? Your city.

KEEP YOUR CITY SAFE WITH THE FRENCH POLICE STATION Have criminals put you in a state of ennui? Get back that je ne sais quoi! If the normal cops can't handle it, import some from France! The French Police Station comes with an eye-catching compact patrol car to scan your city for crooks even faster than regular patrol cars. Add more patrol cars to the French Police Station to blanket your city in police coverage. There's even a helpful sign to add to your already classy French Police Station.

TRANSFORM YOUR CITY WITH FRENCH RCI What better way to create a classy downtown, then with a touch of French RCI? Simply by having the Eiffel Tower in your city, the influence of French culture will radiate out into nearby residential and commercial buildings, allowing them to expand into très chic French buildings!

German City Set:

 Make over your city into a modern German metropolis! Plop the historic Brandenburg Gate landmark and watch as a distinguishing look and feel spreads into your city. Germany comes to life as unique German shops and houses spring up around Brandenburg Gate. The German City Set comes with exclusive buildings including the world-renowned Brandenburg Gate and a German High-Speed Rail Station to carry Sims to and from your city fast!

EXCLUSIVE LANDMARK: BRANDENBURG GATE Plop the instantly-recognizable Brandenburg Gate in your city and watch as tourists flock to visit the massive gate! Tourists drawn by the Brandenburg Gate will be a boon for your city's economy.

HIGH-SPEED RAIL COMES TO SIMCITY™! The new German High-Speed Rail Station provides your Sims the fastest way to travel by train, while using your existing rail tracks. Bring hordes of tourists into your city to admire the Brandenburg Gate. Help your Sims commute to neighboring cities in the region or bring in workers from other cities to fill job vacancies in your city.

TRANSFORM YOUR CITY WITH GERMAN RCI With the Brandenburg Gate landmark in your city, buildings around it transform into modern German RCI! Simply keep your Sims in Residential or Commercial zones around the landmark happy enough and they'll do the rest. Create your very own German neighborhood right in your city!

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