Where are HP Laptops Made? Global Manufacturing Locations

As one of the largest PC vendors worldwide, HP ships millions of laptops annually. But where are all these HP laptops made? The manufacturing of HP notebooks spans multiple countries across the globe. By understanding HP’s sprawling laptop production footprint, you gain insight into the brand’s supply chain strategy.

HP has a diverse global presence, with laptop assembly facilities in China, Taiwan, Thailand, United States, and other regions. Outsourcing production allows HP to optimize costs, tap specialized skill sets, and be responsive to local markets. The manufacturing location even impacts pricing and availability for some models.

If you use an HP laptop for work or personal computing, you probably wondered at some point exactly where it was built. Let’s analyse the major laptop production epicenters HP relies on and how offshoring as well as localized manufacturing benefits the iconic brand.

China Accounts for Majority of HP Laptop Production

China has become the dominant location for large-scale electronics manufacturing and HP taps into the sophisticated supply chains and factory networks there for the bulk of its consumer notebook production. Facilities in inland cities like Chongqing as well as port cities like Shanghai enable HP to get laptops made in close proximity to component suppliers while still having ready export access.

The extensive electronics manufacturing ecosystem in China allows HP to utilize contract manufacturers like Foxconn, Compal, Quanta and Wistron to actually assemble the laptops in their China plants under HP’s supervision and quality standards. The skilled labor pool and lower wages relative to other manufacturing countries make China ideal from a cost perspective despite increasing Chinese labor costs over the years.

According to market research, it’s estimated over 50% of all HP notebooks are produced at contractor-operated factories in China. That includes a wide range of popular models for both the global and domestic Chinese markets.

Taiwan – Home to Some HP Laptop Production

As an island nation with deep roots in electronics manufacturing, Taiwan is home to original design manufacturers (ODMs) that HP collaborates with on notebook production. Some higher-end consumer laptops as well as certain commercial models are assembled at contractor plants in Taiwan.

China and Taiwan compete for electronics manufacturing contracts, but both offer established infrastructure and technical expertise that HP can leverage. Locating production in Taiwan also provides a regional advantage for very rapid logistics to major Asia-Pacific markets.

HP Utilizes Manufacturing in Thailand

Expanding beyond Greater China, Thailand has become an important country for HP laptop production in recent years. HP has an assembly plant near Bangkok that manufactures desktops PCs along with notebook models tailored for the Thai market and broader Asia-Pacific region.

Situated between Malaysia and Myanmar, Thailand provides HP a strategic location with a skilled workforce outside China. HP’s Thailand facility exemplifies the company’s effort to diversify manufacturing geographically to balance costs, supply chain resiliency, and proximity to key markets.

Limited US-Based Laptop Manufacturing

While overseas factories assemble the vast majority of HP laptops bound for US customers, HP does operate a small US production facility as well. Some customized HP notebooks for the corporate and enterprise market are built right in HP’s headquarters city of Palo Alto, California to enable rapid delivery throughout the US.

HP also assembles select high-end laptop models at a plant in Encinitas, California according to US Federal Trade Commission records. Additionally, the company operates configuration centers across the US that allow customization of notebooks like faster processors and more RAM for corporate clients before distribution.

How Production Location Impacts Pricing

The cost to produce identical HP laptop models can vary based on assembly location. Labor rates, component source proximity, and other factors differ among countries. Models built exclusively in the US or Taiwan generally have higher base costs compared to high-volume batches from China.

However, localized manufacturing can lower some other costs. For example HP laptops built in Thailand don’t incur as much shipping expense for Thai companies buying in bulk compared to importing from China. So production geography can influence pricing differences for the same notebook model in different markets.

Identifying Country of Origin

How can you discover exactly where your particular HP laptop was manufactured? One way is to look at the regulatory label affixed to the bottom of the notebook – this usually indicates country of origin. The HP website where you register the laptop may also specify where it was built.

Keep in mind even within the same factory the components inside like memory, storage, and displays may originate from various other countries. But identifying the overall manufacturing country provides helpful insight into HP’s diverse global supply chain.


In closing, HP relies on a worldwide network of ODMs and EMS providers to offer a broad laptop portfolio at competitive prices. While China produces the majority of HP consumer notebooks, facilities in Taiwan, Thailand, United States, and elsewhere enable targeted models for key markets.

Decades of experience in global operations allow HP to adjust manufacturing by country in response to supply and demand shifts. So next time you use your HP laptop, consider the complex choreography of product design, component sourcing, laptop assembly, and transport that ultimately delivered that device to your desk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where are HP laptops manufactured in India?

A: HP produces multiple laptop models at a Flex facility located in Sriperumbudur, near Chennai, Tamil Nadu as part of India’s ‘Make in India’ initiative.

Q: Are HP laptops that say “Made in China” original products?

A: Yes, HP is a U.S. brand founded in 1939 in California. HP laptops made in China are genuine – China is one of HP’s major manufacturing hubs.

Q: What is the original country of HP as a company?

A: HP originated in the United States as an electronic testing equipment company. Its headquarters and founding location are in Palo Alto, California, USA.

Q: Does HP manufacture any laptops locally in India?

A: Yes, HP has been making commercial desktop PCs in India for some time and has now started local laptop production at its Sriperumbudur facility, including EliteBook, ProBook, and HP G8 notebook models.

Q: Where does HP manufacture most of its laptops?

A: The majority of HP consumer laptops are produced in China. HP uses manufacturing facilities in China, Taiwan, Thailand, United States and other regions to produce different models.