Where is the Insert Key on an HP Laptop Keyboard?

The Insert key is an important yet often overlooked key that every PC user should know how to find. On modern HP laptops, locating the Insert key can be tricky due to compact keyboard layouts. Read on to learn where to find the Insert key on any HP notebook, how to activate it, and what the Insert key is used for.

Legacy HP laptop keyboards featured a dedicated Insert key conveniently located in the top right corner next to keys like Backspace, Home and Page Up. However newer slim HP laptops have traded the dedicated Insert key for a more compact layout.

Instead, accessing Insert on many HP notebooks requires pressing the Fn modifier key plus the Insert key. But the specific placement differs across HP laptop models. To use the Insert key functions for tasks like editing documents, you first need to know where to find this key on your HP laptop model.

In this detailed guide, we will cover the various Insert key placements depending on your specific HP laptop series. We’ll also look at what the Insert key does, how to turn on Num Lock for accessing Fn key shortcuts, and where to find other useful keys like Home and Page Up/Down. Read on to master the Insert key on your HP notebook.

Where Is the Insert Key Located on HP Laptops?

If you have an older, larger HP laptop, check the upper right corner of the keyboard for a dedicated Insert key. It will likely be located between Backspace and the Home or End key. Refer to the laptop manual for exact placement.

However, many contemporary HP notebooks like the popular Envy, Spectre and Pavilion line do not have a dedicated Insert key. Instead, you’ll need to press the Fn modifier key plus the Insert key. This is commonly in the bottom right corner next to Ctrl and the arrows.

For example, pressing Fn + Delete on a modern HP laptop will function as the Insert key. Again, consult your specific HP laptop’s keyboard manual to confirm the Insert key location. HP has standardized the Fn + Delete combo for Insert across many models.

What Is the Insert Key Used For on HP Laptops?

The Insert key functionality dates back to the era of typewriters but still has some usage today. Pressing the Insert key on an HP laptop will toggle between Insert and Overwrite modes while typing in documents or input fields.

In Insert mode, any text you type will be inserted at the cursor position without erasing existing text. In Overwrite mode, new text will delete and replace any existing text at the cursor location. The Insert key lets you easily switch between both behaviors.

Programmers may also use the Insert key when coding to add text without overwriting data. The Insert key sees less use today but still has some relevant functions, especially in document editing.

Here are two more sections on where to find the Insert key on an HP laptop keyboard:

Where is the Insert key on an HP laptop keyboard?

The location of the Insert key varies depending on the specific HP laptop model. Here are some common locations to check:

Above the Backspace key – On many HP laptops, the Insert key is located in the top row, directly above the Backspace key. It may be labeled as “Ins.”

Near the Delete key – Some HP laptops have the Insert key next to or above the Delete key, in the cluster of keys with Home, End, Page Up, and Page Down.

Beside Backspace key – On certain older HP laptop models, the Insert key is placed right next to the Backspace key in the upper right corner of the keyboard.

Fn + Another key – On some compact HP laptop keyboards, the Insert functionality is accessed by pressing the Fn key plus another key like F11 or F12. Check for an “Insert” icon or label printed on a function key.

Not present – Some HP laptops do not have a dedicated Insert key at all. You may need to use a keyboard shortcut like Fn + V instead.

Tips for finding the Insert key on an HP laptop

– Carefully scan the entire keyboard, especially around Backspace, Delete and in the function key row.

– Refer to the laptop’s manual or online specifications to find out the exact Insert key location.

– Search HP’s support site for your specific laptop model and “Insert key” to see diagrams and instructions.

– Try pressing the Fn key along with F11, F12 or other function keys to see if one triggers Insert mode.

– As a last resort, use the on-screen keyboard utility or keyboard viewer in Windows to find the mapped Insert key.

– If Insert functionality is needed often, consider creating a remapped shortcut key.

How to Turn On Num Lock for Fn Shortcuts

Keep in mind that you’ll need to have Num Lock enabled to access Fn modifier shortcuts like Fn + Delete for Insert on many HP notebooks. Here are two ways to turn on Num Lock:

– Through BIOS Settings: Turn on Num Lock via the BIOS settings menu during laptop boot up. This keeps Num Lock persistently on.

– Through On-Screen Keyboard: Search for “on-screen keyboard” and toggle Num Lock on via the virtual keyboard. This enables Num Lock temporarily.

Also look for an LED indicator light near the top-right corner of your keyboard. When lit up, it signifies that Num Lock is activated, enabling access to Fn shortcuts.

Other Useful Keys to Find on HP Laptops

Beyond the Insert key, there are some other handy keys you should familiarize yourself with on HP notebooks, including:

– Home – Moves cursor to beginning of line

– End – Moves cursor to end of line

– Page Up – Scrolls up one page in documents

– Page Down – Scrolls down one page in documents

As with Insert, you’ll need to use the Fn modifier plus the respective key to trigger these functions. Having to press Fn may be inconvenient, but expands the number of available shortcuts.


In closing, locating the Insert key and other useful shortcuts requires understanding your HP laptop’s specific keyboard layout. While older HP laptops had dedicated keys, newer compact models require pressing Fn plus the respective key. Turning on Num Lock enables access to these Fn modifier shortcuts.

Practicing the Fn + Delete combo a few times will help build muscle memory for inserting text without overwriting on your HP laptop. Learning your HP notebook’s Fn shortcuts boosts productivity when editing documents or coding.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Insert key used for?

The Insert key is used to switch between insert and overtype modes while typing text. In insert mode, new text is inserted at the cursor location, pushing existing text to the right. In overtype mode, new text overwrites any existing text at the cursor location.

Where is the Insert key located on an HP laptop keyboard?

The Insert key location varies by HP laptop model. Common locations include above the Backspace key, next to the Delete key, beside the Backspace key, or requiring an Fn key combination like Fn+F11. Refer to your specific laptop’s manual to find the Insert key.

How do I toggle insert mode on and off?

Press the Insert key on your keyboard to toggle between insert and overtype modes. You can also click the “Insert” or “Overtype” text on the status bar at the bottom of a document window.

What happens when I’m in insert mode vs. overtype mode?

In insert mode, any text you type is inserted at the cursor location, pushing existing text to the right. In overtype mode, new text will overwrite any existing text at the cursor location.

How do I use the Insert key as a shortcut on an HP laptop?

Many HP laptops allow you to set custom keyboard shortcuts using the Insert key since it’s not used regularly. For example, you could set Insert + W to launch a web browser. Check your laptop’s manual for details.

What is the keyboard shortcut to act as the Insert key?

When Num Lock is on, press Shift + Numpad 0 to emulate pressing the Insert key on keyboards without an Insert key.

How can I insert symbols on an HP laptop?

To insert alternate symbol characters, press the right Alt key plus the desired key. For example, Alt + E inserts the euro currency symbol. Refer to a symbol chart for your keyboard layout.

How do I know if insert mode is activated?

When insert mode is active, the status bar at the bottom of your document window will display the word “Insert.” If it shows “Overtype” then you are in overtype mode.