How to Pair Skullcandy Wireless Earbuds to a Laptop?

Skullcandy makes some of the most popular and innovative wireless Bluetooth earbuds on the market. Pairing your Skullcandy earbuds with your laptop allows you to enjoy crystal clear music, take calls, and experience media hands-free. While the process is straightforward, there are some tips to ensure successful pairing. Read on to learn how to easily pair Skullcandy wireless earbuds to your laptop.

More and more people are switching from wired to wireless Bluetooth earbuds for convenience and portability. Skullcandy offers quality wireless earbuds at affordable prices that pair great with laptops. By connecting your Skullcandy earbuds to your laptop via Bluetooth, you can listen to music, podcasts, videos, and calls without being tethered by wires.

Pairing only takes a few minutes if you follow the right steps. We’ll cover how to turn on Bluetooth on your laptop, put your Skullcandy earbuds in pairing mode, connect them to your laptop’s Bluetooth, and troubleshoot any issues. With this guide, you’ll be able to seamlessly pair Skullcandy wireless earbuds to your laptop.

1.    Turn On Bluetooth On Your Laptop

The first step is making sure Bluetooth is enabled on your Windows or Mac laptop. Here’s how:

a.    On Windows

  • Click on the Start menu and open Settings.
  • Click on Devices.
  • Under Bluetooth & Other Devices, toggle Bluetooth to On.

b.    On Mac

  • Click the Apple menu and select System Preferences.
  • Click Bluetooth.
  • Check the box next to Bluetooth to turn it on if it’s not already enabled.

Bluetooth needs to be turned on for your laptop to find and connect to your Skullcandy earbuds

2.    Put Skullcandy Earbuds in Pairing Mode

Next, you’ll put your Skullcandy earbuds in pairing mode to get them ready to connect. The steps vary slightly by model:

a.    Indy, Push Ultra, Sesh Evo

Press and hold the circular button on the earbuds case for 2-3 seconds until the LED light flashes red and blue. This means they are in pairing mode.

b.    Dime, Jib True

Press and hold the circular multifunction button on the earbuds themselves until you hear an audio cue that pairing mode is on.

c.    Crusher Evo

Toggle the switch on the earcups into the Bluetooth position marked with the BT symbol.

Consult your earbuds manual for exact instructions. Pairing mode lasts 60-90 seconds so move to the next step quickly.


3.    Select Earbuds In Your Laptop’s Bluetooth Menu

With pairing mode activated on your earbuds, they will now show up in your laptop’s list of available Bluetooth devices:

a.    On Windows

  • Return to Settings > Bluetooth & Other Devices.
  • Under Bluetooth, select “Add Bluetooth or other device”.
  • Find your Skullcandy earbuds in the list and click on them.

b.    On Mac

  • Go to System Preferences > Bluetooth.
  • Click “Connect” next to your Skullcandy earbud’s name in the list.

The earbuds name will usually start with “Skullcandy” followed by the model. Selecting them from the list initiates pairing.

4.    Confirm Pairing on Both Devices

You will now get a pairing confirmation prompt on both your laptop and your Skullcandy earbuds.

a.    On your laptop

Accept the pairing request. Your laptop may ask you to confirm a pairing code or PIN which you accept.

b.    On your earbuds

Look for an indication that pairing is complete. On most models the LEDs will stop flashing and turn solid blue or green. You may hear an audio tone.

Pairing is now complete!

5.    Connect and Use Your Skullcandy Earbuds

To start using your newly paired Skullcandy earbuds with your laptop:

  • On your Windows/Mac laptop, go back to the Bluetooth menu.
  • Your earbuds should now be listed as a connected device. Click on them to connect.
  • Begin playing media and check that audio comes through the earbuds clearly.
  • Load a webpage with a video for example to confirm that pairing was successful.

Your Skullcandy wireless earbuds are now ready to enjoy! As long as Bluetooth remains on, they will automatically connect to your laptop when powered on.

Troubleshooting Tips

If you are unable to get your Skullcandy earbuds to pair to your laptop, try these troubleshooting tips:

– Reset your earbuds by following manufacturer instructions to clear any previous pairings. Then retry pairing.

– Make sure Bluetooth visibility is turned on for your laptop under settings so devices can find it.

– Update your laptop and earbuds to the latest Bluetooth drivers from the manufacturer. Outdated drivers can prevent pairing.

– Try putting your earbuds in a different pairing mode if available. Some models have multiple pairing options.

– Forget the earbuds from your laptop’s Bluetooth settings menu and redo the pairing process from scratch.

– As a last resort, consult your earbud manual or Skullcandy’s support site for further troubleshooting.


Pairing Skullcandy wireless Bluetooth earbuds to your laptop is quick and straightforward. Just remember to turn on Bluetooth on your laptop, put your earbuds in pairing mode, connect them from your laptop’s Bluetooth menu, and confirm pairing on both devices. You’ll then be able to enjoy wireless audio hands-free.

The freedom of wireless earbuds allows you to easily listen to music, take calls, join video chats, and consume other media on your laptop without cables getting in the way. Pairing your Skullcandy earbuds only takes a few minutes if you follow the step-by-step process. Use the troubleshooting tips above if you run into any pairing issues. With high quality sound and seamless connectivity, Skullcandy wireless earbuds are a great accessory for your laptop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQs for a blog on pairing Skullcandy wireless earbuds with a laptop:

Q: Why won’t my Skullcandy Bluetooth earbuds connect to my laptop?

A: If your Skullcandy earbuds won’t connect, try forgetting the device in your laptop’s Bluetooth settings, turning the earbuds off and back on to enter pairing mode, and then reselecting them in your laptop’s list of available Bluetooth devices. This often resolves connectivity issues.

Q: Why are my Skullcandy earbuds not showing up on Bluetooth?

A: If your laptop or device can’t detect your Skullcandy earbuds on Bluetooth, turn the earbuds off by pressing and holding the power button for 6 seconds until they flash, indicating pairing mode. Then find and select them in your device’s Bluetooth settings to connect.

Q: Where is the pairing button on Skullcandy wireless headphones?

A: Most Skullcandy wireless earbuds pair by pressing and holding the power button for a few seconds until you hear “Pairing”. For over-ear headphones, the power button also controls Bluetooth pairing in most cases.

Q: Does Skullcandy work on PC?

A: Yes, Skullcandy headphones and earbuds are compatible with PCs and laptops equipped with a 3.5mm audio jack or Bluetooth connectivity. The wired SLYR model works with the 3.5mm port.

Q: Why are my Skullcandy headphones flashing red?

A: A flashing red LED light on Skullcandy headphones means the device is not currently paired with your laptop or phone via Bluetooth. It needs to be paired before use.

Q: Why is one of my Skullcandy earbuds not connecting?

A: If one earbud fails to connect, try cleaning debris from the audio port with a toothpick or cotton swab. Built-up dirt in the port can prevent an earbud from making full contact.

Q: How do I fix my Bluetooth headphones not being detected?

A: Turn Bluetooth off and back on, remove and re-pair your headset, and make sure Bluetooth drivers are up to date on your laptop. This can resolve laptop detection issues with Bluetooth headphones.