Are Gaming Laptops Worth it? – Ultimate Guide 2022 [Updated]

Gaming laptops have always tempted people with their high portability and enhanced visuals.

People have always turned a blind eye to gaming laptops since they were bulky and high maintenance. Recent technological advancements have made it possible to combat such issues. Hence, people are flocking towards gaming laptops more than ever before.

Gaming laptops offer versatility. Apart from gaming, it also allows editing, designing, mining cryptocurrency and other general purposes.

Why gaming laptops are so expensive?

Gaming laptops are so expensive because of an increase in demand. Especially during the pandemic, where people have to work from home and entertain themselves.

There is also fierce competition to put out premium products that deliver performance.  Best gaming laptops under $2000 deliver satisfactory performance. With a promise of excellent build quality, great thermal performance, battery life, and better reliability they justify their price.

There is also an import tax which is an added cost when buying online from other countries. Since these laptops are high maintenance, one can find themselves reaching down to their wallet to spend on accessories like cooling pads, canned liquid air, etc., to prolong their life. Last but not the least, a possible explanation would be storage, size, resolution, keypad/touchpad, ports, and speakers.

What are the advantages of buying a gaming laptop?

Regardless of the price, gaming laptops are evergreen and will always be in demand. Advantages of a gaming laptop include:

  1. Portability: With 15”-17” screens and a lightweight chassis, a gaming laptop’s portability offers something for everyone.
  2. Power: Gaming laptops offer equal power in comparison to a full-sized PCT. This is achieved with a chip that fits in the palm. This makes it worth the money and a USP.
  3. Build quality: Gaming laptops are no longer flashy and aggressive like their predecessors. They now possess a high-quality, sophisticated build.
  4. High-resolution display: Most gaming laptops come with 1920×1080 resolution screens thereby alleviating the beauty of gaming visuals.
  5. Versatility: Gaming laptops are multifunctional. They can also be used for creating, editing, programming, and engineering, obviating the need for a second computer.

What are the disadvantages of a gaming laptop?

  1. Battery backup: gaming laptops are notoriously known for running out of charge and this happens because of powerful internal components such as the GPU and CPU consuming power relentlessly. Repeated or continuous charging can cause the battery to retain less charge and call for replacements.
  2. Heating: Despite possessing many air vents, gaming laptops still overheat. This can cause thermal throttling and damage to internal components.
  3. Noise: Noise caused by cooling fans and HDD is a major disadvantage in both high and mid-range laptops.
  4. Bulkiness: Many gaming laptop brands still weigh 5-10 pounds. Owning a heavy gaming laptop makes it difficult to carry around as it becomes prone to jostling and accidents.
  5. High maintenance: Gaming laptops require high maintenance in the form of regular cleaning, replacement of parts and expensive accessories.

Should I buy a gaming laptop or a PC?

While both these systems are as good as the other, it all depends on the need of the person. Someone who keeps moving desires multifunctionality on the go can opt for a gaming laptop. Otherwise, gaming PCs that can be modified to your personal gaming rig are the better option. A good gaming laptop costs $800-$1200 and newer generation ones require much less customization for years to come provided they are cared for regularly.