How To Use Laptop As Monitor For Xbox One

How to Use Laptop as Monitor for Xbox One

Xbox users have reached 65 million mark and the trend continues! With the growing popularity of Xbox users, avid gamers are exploring new ways to make their gaming sessions fun!

Ever wish you could play Xbox on your laptop screen to make your gaming on-the-go? If you enjoy that kind of experience, it is time to get real. Spending more money on another system to have the power of two screens is expensive.

As you have laptop by your side, connecting it with your Xbox is a great idea.

If you are unsure on how to use laptop as monitor for Xbox One, this blog post is an excellent rescue.

Before diving in to detailed steps, let’s quickly check the laptop configurations that you require to connect the Xbox with your laptop.

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How to check if your Laptop is Xbox compatible?

Microsoft Xbox can give you a good experience even if your TV does not start. Because it can be connected to your laptop as well. But before connecting it to your laptop, you need to check out your laptop configurations too to know if your laptop is compatible or not:

  • The laptop should have Ethernet and wireless connectivity
  • To sync with the Xbox gaming console, there must be Xbox live account to sign in
  • A quad-core CPU (AMD or intel-based processors)
  • Window 10 operating system settings
  • 8 GB or more RAM to play console games competitively (minimum is 4GB)
  • High gaming monitor’s refresh rate for a better console gaming experience. There are many gaming laptops under $750 that gives you sufficient refresh rate for playing games. If you want to play high end games, you need to consider best gaming laptops inder $2000.

Why to use a laptop as a Monitor For Xbox One?

Compared to the traditional television, a laptop is a great alternative screen. When your television is occupied by your kids, playing on your laptop is a great idea. Laptops are space-friendly and highly portable. You not only have higher accessibility to your laptop, but also facilitate with your movements.

So, next time you are on a trip, you can play Xbox away from home by connecting it with your Xbox one.

How To Use Laptop As a Monitor For Xbox Games

Here are the different ways of connecting the Xbox to your laptop:

Connecting Xbox to laptop with HDMI input port: step-by-step process

HDMI is a standard connection that can transmit both audio and video via single cable. Minding the difference between the HDMI input and HDMI output is important to make the right connection.

While the HDMI output sends the signal so should be connected to the Xbox, HDMI input receives the signal and should be connected to the laptop’s HDMI input port.

Step by Step Process: Connecting with HDMI

  1. Turn off the Xbox
  2. Make sure that all the programs running on laptop are ended
  3. Now connect HDMI cable as the input HDMI port to the laptop and the outpot HDMI port to the Xbox
  4. Turn on the Xbox device
  5. Once the laptop receives the input from HDMI, it will switch to display
  6. Now go to the Xbox dashboard to adjust the resolution and display settings.

I have an input HDMI connection, but images are not transmitted to an external monitor. Why?

This can be caused by either something in the source resolution is not supported by the external monitor you’re using. It could also be that your HDMI cable is faulty or not compatible for connecting to your device.

For example, if you want to connect a Xbox, but use an old analog TV, it does work because when the Xbox sends out its signal it’ll look for any screen with an input and when it finds one with an analog input, will send its signal over there.

But if you want to connect a laptop PC or Macbook with you TV or Monitor at home and they both have digital inputs only (a DVI-I connector), than no connection options will be found.

Connect Xbox to a Laptop wirelessly

Connecting your laptop via wireless connection is another easy-to-go option, if you don’t have an HDMI cable.

Required Configurations

Here are the two configurations that you need to connect your Xbox wirelessly:

  1. Install Window 10 on your laptop as it allows to connect the Xbox with Windows
  2. Download DirectX 1 and Xbox App from the Window Store

Minimum Requirements for Xbox App

Here are the minimum requirements for installing the Xbox App on your laptop:

  1. The laptop should have atleast 1.5 GHz processor and 2GB RAM
  2. The gametag on the Xbox One and the Window 10 should be same
  3. The home network should be same for both laptop and Xbox
  4. To avoid interruptions while playing, prefer 5GHz frequency band Wifi or a wired ethernet connection.

Step-by-Step Process – Connecting Laptop and Xbox Wirelessly

  1. Open Xbox App
  2. Go to the Settings and select the option ‘connection’
  3. You can find Xbox on the list, click on it
  4. Now click on stream
  5. The laptop will display the images along with audio from the Xbox

Step-by-Step Process – Streaming the Game From Xbox App

Open Xbox App- Go to Settings – Choose Xbox Connections – Enable Game Streaming

Now turn on your laptop and follow the steps below:

  1. Open Xbox app on your laptop and select the connection option located on the left bar.
  2. Allow the Xbox app to search the console and select it.
  3. Now the connection is established. Click on Stream and you are all set to start with game in Xbox App.

Can I Use My Laptop Screen for Xbox 360?

You can connect the laptop screen with Xbox 360. However, the procedure for connecting the laptop screen for Xbox 360 is same as Xbox One. The display is shown when the HDMI cable with your laptop.


If you are using an external monitor for your Xbox console, switching between a laptop and a game console could be frustrating. But with the help of the above steps, you will be able to do things quickly.

Now enjoy Xbox gaming on your laptop screen without impacting your pocket.