Should I Put Stickers On My Laptop?Some useful tips

Stickers on laptops are the new way of self-expression!

While the clothing and accessories speak about your personality, laptop stickers are the new way to show off your style. The best part is, it protects your laptop from scratches too.

By 2027, the laptop sticker market is estimated to reach USD 97.03 Million.

But some people still consider it unprofessional!

Hence, there is always a dilemma on – Should I Put Stickers On My Laptop?

In this blog post, we will evaluate why you should consider putting stickers on your laptop and why some people avoid it?

What are laptop stickers?

Stickers are adhesive labels that you can use to decorate your laptop and at the same time, protect it against scuffs and scraps.

It is pretty common to find college-going students using these paper stickers on their laptop lid instead of purchasing a separate cover to add their own personal touch.

A laptop sticker serves as a good alternate for those who can’t afford to buy a costly laptop case.

Why Should You Use Stickers On Your Laptop?

Besides giving a new look to your laptop, the following are some of the incredible advantages of using stickers on your laptop”

Express Your Personality

With the wide variety of stickers available in different designs, you have ample choices to choose your favorite color or character reflecting your personality. To get a personalized feel, you can go for customized stickers too. Stickers are the best way to get rid of a monotonous company logo and give a complete makeover to your laptop with an expressive design.

Saves Laptop From Scratches

As stickers are placed on the laptop areas which are in direct contact with the external surfaces, it larges protects the laptop exterior of your laptop against scratches due to rubbing and any sharp object sliding against its surface. Once the skin gets damaged due to any mishap, you can change it frequently.

Custom Designs

Looking for something unique? Get one customized sticker for your laptop! There are many websites offering customized sticker designs meeting your taste. Next time you wish to send a customized gift to your loved ones, consider a custom-designed laptop sticker.

Easily Replaceable

Investing in a good quality sticker benefits you by not leaving any residue on its removal. You can change the laptop skin anytime in the event of damage without seeking any professional help. Whether you are fed up with the existing skin design or want to stay ahead of style, you can give your laptop a new makeover any day, anytime.


Unlike laptop cases, the laptop skin is highly economical to replace. The starting price is as low as $5 which gives you all the reasons to give a quick makeover to your laptop as desired. Whether you want to safeguard your new laptop or want to hide the scratches from old laptop. these economical stickers are the best way to go.

Before we delve into the benefits of using laptop stickers, let’s first see the types of laptop stickers available in the market.

Why You Should Avoid Using Laptop Stickers?

Here are some possible reasons why you should avoid putting stickers on your laptop:

Your Company Has a No Sticker Policy

There are several companies that follow a no-sticker policy. As the company’s focus is on maintaining the professional image of their employees facing the customer’s faces, it is a bad idea to put stickers on your laptop.

Under Formal Environment

When you are working in a professional environment where none of your colleagues or employees choose to apply stickers on a laptop, it is always a great idea to choose stickers for your laptop. Although, it is a subjective choice still it is recommended to avoid the stickers to maintain the decorum.

Various Types of Laptop Stickers:

We have listed the various types of laptop stickers to serve your different purposes:

Plain Stickers

When you don’t want your laptop to be too flashy, you can consider plain stickers. Plain stickers are meant to protect your laptop from scratches without driving unwanted attention.

Printed Stickers

Printed stickers are best Suited for professionals like graphic designers and millennials. If you want a specific design for your laptop sticker, you can opt for custom sticker designs as well. Not only will it add a personal touch to the laptop, but it makes a great style statement as well. If you are proud owned of the best laptop for the world of warcraft, it is worth investing in such custom printed stickers.

Vinyl Stickers:

These stickers are made of transparent vinyl and look really classy. They’re an excellent option if you want to cover up the scratches on the back of your laptop. They are resistant to heat and sunlight to extend extra protection for your laptop.

They’re pretty easy to apply and usually come with instructions that help you understand their application process within minutes. You can use them as is or place them over another stuck-on design you have on your laptop.

What things to consider when buying a laptop sticker ?

There are certain things that you must consider before opting for any type of sticker . This includes:

1. The Type of Laptop You Have

You must know the kind of laptop you own or about to buy. This is because some stickers work with specific models and brands only. So, make sure you check if it matches your laptop.

2. The Design You ‘d Like

There are a number of designs and patterns available and you can choose anything which suits your preferences. The ones we’ve mentioned above include: Blossoms, Animal print, Polka Dots, Pinstripe, Tribal prints etc.

So if you want something unique and classy, you can definitely opt for them.

3. The Quality of the Sticker

Last but not least; quality is everything! Always make sure that you check the material used for printing or manufacturing the sticker. This will help you buy a long-lasting laptop sticker. It should be strong enough to withstand daily usage without getting damaged.

Apart from these, pricing is the major factor that can influence your choice. While most of the laptop stickers are highly affordable still the prices vary depending on the quality and design. If you opt for customized stickers, you need to pay higher.


Stickers make a great accessory to jazz up anything and this is why they’re such an awesome choice if you want to give your laptop a new look.  Unless your laptop is not a part of any strict professional environment, it is great to spice it up with the sticker of your choice,

So, go ahead and grab the one that’s best suited for you!