How to Take a Screenshot on a Samsung Laptop 2022 [Updated]

At times you may miss important things if you cannot take their screenshots immediately. Although all Windows versions have the same process of taking a screenshot, you may notice a few variations depending on the computer you have.

If you have a samsung laptop and face issues while taking screenshots, this article will guide you through it.

Screenshot via Keyboard combinations 


  • Open the tab screen you want to capture.
  • Press Windows key and print screen key together. This will automatically save the screenshot on your laptop.
  • If this key does not work on your laptop, try clicking the FN key + WINDOWS logo key + End/print screen.
  • To View The Screenshot, go to this link.

You can find the print screen key on the top right corner of your keyboard. It has the abbreviated symbol PRTSC.

Although this is relatively easy, you can move forward with the next step if it does not work in your case.

Screenshot of an active window

Here are the two easy ways, you can take a screenshot of your active window.

1. Using Microsoft paint

You don’t have to install paint, but it is an inbuilt feature of windows. The only con side is that the picture becomes blurry after resizing.

  • Type and search paint from the search box and click it to open.
  • Now open the window which you want to screengrab, press the print screen key.
  • Now you can use the picture any word by clicking CTRL + V keys to paste.
  • Edit the screenshot, click on Resize or Crop, and adjust according to your convenience.
  • Now tap on File > Save.

2. Using snipping tool

  • Typing searches meeting toll from the search box and clicking it to open.


  • Click NEW.

  • Next, drag the mouse and create a region you want to capture, then release it.
  • Finally, save the snip.


Screenshot with robust screen recorder 

Few applications allow capturing videos as well as audio.

You can take a screenshot from them.

  • First, open your Samsung laptop and install Snagit.
  • Now sign in.
  • Tap on the capture button.

  • Move the cursor and drag it to take a screenshot of the screen.

  • Once done, click on the camera It will save your screenshot.

  • If required, you can edit the screenshot and save it.

Capturing a screenshot on a Samsung Laptop is child’s play if you know the right technique. This comprehensive guide aims at covered all the easiest ways in which you can take a screenshot on a Samsung laptop. No matter if you an expert or a novice user, these steps are quiet easy to follow.